• LizP

    When all you want is a giant bowl of cheesy goodness… grrr

  • HereNow

    Oh yeah, the perfect after school snack… no food for you!

  • rigboo

    Yummy, I just love Kraft Mac & Cheese! ThinkI'll go make me some right now.


  • Chris

    I HATE when that happens. It happens too often.


  • greg

    It should say.. “with sharp instrument” It did in the 50’s before Leave it to Beaver left his thrid digit in a box… I saw that ep.

  • Ethan


  • http://Alexsluiter.com Alex S

    Hahaha so true. The 10 minute snack turns into 10 minutes of frustration and anger.

  • Crunch41

    It’s a misprint, you are supossed to PULL.

  • Anonymous

    Lol that is crazy. Never was easy to open those as told on the box

  • Emerica

    It used to work fine when there was still cardboard in the boxes.
    Now they are made with cheese powder that hit the floor.

  • btc9183

    This makes me all stabby…

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  • fuckit


    you actually eat that processed, chemo-cheese shit?

    fuck that

  • wow

    you’re probably the kind of person that tears the slot on cereal boxes too

  • yeah

    The fingers you have used to push are to fat. To obtain macaroni please mash box with your palm now.

  • http://robertosch.wordpress.com robertosch

    Hmmm… Interesting

    Try this: http://www.shutterstock.com/cat.mhtml?page=1&…

  • http://alanhowie.wordpress.com alanhowie

    Surprised the carton lives. You were brutal. How hungry were you.

  • KT

    Well that’s one way of solving the obesity issue

  • hai

    I freaking hate that! Does Kraft realize that there’s no perforation or ANYTHING to make this simple? I never even bother anymore…just angrily tear off the top.

  • z2z

    I always use a knife to open these things when I was a kid, now I just don’t buy them.

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  • Anonymous

    lol…thanks for the blast from the past!

  • catchesthewind

    Z2Z you have the ultimate answer. Just dont buy the box.

  • ben

    i was just bitching about this the other day…

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