Ladies… put the weights down and walk away. Far, far away (19 photos)


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  • muscarius

    aside some of them, I'd hit all of them, but they would hit me back, harde.

    • Anastasia

      “No, I’ve never had plastic serugry.”How can a single human being be so naturally perfect? How did I end up reading that instead of watching everything again?So, so many questions #1

  • clay

    Every one of you ladies are to hot to stop. I would be honored go out are just lounge athe house with any of you beauties for real !

  • dave

    a lot of them would be cute if they hadn't gotten carried away

  • bill

    wow.# 14 is hard & hottt.she does it for me.yummy,yummy,lick.

  • Buffalo

    All the ladies in this post are far more pleasant to look at than any of the ones in that stupid "Meanwhile in AMERICA" post. That post is truly a waste of CHIVE space…I'm Just Sayin' :-(

  • M_in_TO

    #18 is Tosca Reno – a Canadian 48 or 49 year old mom. She lives near by and only resembles that picture when she is preparing to compete. Usually she looks like a pretty and fit (not muscle head) mom of 3 teenagers.

    She was a chunky suburban housewife until her late 38's.

    She's written a few books on Clean Eating.

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