• Anonymous

    wtf is wrong with you “theberry” these woman are obviously taking care of their bodys and keeping fit and your slagging them off for that? for fuck sake, you dont want us too thin, or too fat and now muscles are a no too. So just as long as we all fit into your lil box of whats acceptable then we’l all be ok yes?

    • Beth

      Agreed. Most of these ladies are pretty and really aren’t TOO muscular. They seem to be the average athletic type. This was a little uncalled for.

  • amanda

    I still want #2 to turn around though.

  • Fyndy

    Females don’t get “bulky” man muscles unless they take steroids. They get fit and “cut” like some of the girls there, but biceps like most of them require them to take steriods.
    Let’s not get into what it does to their lady parts….anyone remember Chyna? Yeah….*shudders*

  • MichaelGS

    Most of them are pretty. A toned stomach is cool, I can overlook biceps bigger than mine, but once you start losing boobs and developing pectoral muscles instead ie 3 + 10; thats a deal breaker for me I’m afraid

  • OBI

    I’d do it.
    Just to have a trophy gf and brag i bet my gf can kick your gf’s ass. haha

  • muscarius

    aside some of them, I'd hit all of them, but they would hit me back, harde.

    • Anastasia

      “No, I’ve never had plastic serugry.”How can a single human being be so naturally perfect? How did I end up reading that instead of watching everything again?So, so many questions #1

  • clay

    Every one of you ladies are to hot to stop. I would be honored go out are just lounge athe house with any of you beauties for real !

  • dave

    a lot of them would be cute if they hadn't gotten carried away

  • bill

    wow.# 14 is hard & hottt.she does it for me.yummy,yummy,lick.

  • Buffalo

    All the ladies in this post are far more pleasant to look at than any of the ones in that stupid "Meanwhile in AMERICA" post. That post is truly a waste of CHIVE space…I'm Just Sayin' 😦

  • M_in_TO

    #18 is Tosca Reno – a Canadian 48 or 49 year old mom. She lives near by and only resembles that picture when she is preparing to compete. Usually she looks like a pretty and fit (not muscle head) mom of 3 teenagers.

    She was a chunky suburban housewife until her late 38's.

    She's written a few books on Clean Eating.

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