You have always been this cool… (22 photos)

Oh hello!
Thanks for sending in your original childhood photos for this post. YOU need to send YOUR awkward childhood photos now!
Step 1: Click SUBMIT up top or mail to: theBERRYsubmit[at]gmail[dot]com
Step 2: Pretty please include a description

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  • Peanut

    #21? How is that striking a pose at the “BEACH” ?? since when does the beach have carpeting?

    • Anonymous

      It could mean he’s on vacation…at a hotel or condo on the beach. Way to over analyze the comment. I am sure you do this to all your friends as well and they hate you for it you douche. But since it’s not obvious he is not standing on the beach please use your valuable deductive reasoning to provide further insight to what’s in the photo…dick

  • Charlie

    Where it says: …”striking pose at the beach”, it should say: “striking pose from the bitch”.

    There, I fixed it.😄

  • HellHathNoFury

    22, you’re so lucky! I want my clippety-clop horse back!
    3 is my favorite place ever.

  • heatherleane

    I know I was a lucky child! The next picture of is actually of me asleep on the Clippity-Clop still holding the Hug-A-Bunch.

  • s

    hahah steven from england how lame are you?? your childhood photo isnt the awkward one of the two

  • Flicka

    Dear #2: NOT the nude pics we were asking for.

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