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  • oddplaces

    number 5 CANNOT be human, thats terrifying

    • Zey

      Ohhh… number 5, one more lovely “brother” from Brazil, a place where synthol injection in muscles is considered “manly”. I wonder if people there just laugh out loud when they see him on the street.

      • hmm

        That synthol shit is really bad for their bodies, just google that crap and you will see some terrifying videos. Shit kids, just do roids at least.

      • Pedro

        Yes, they do laugh at him…
        never actually saw him personaly but I did laugh at his vid

  • Shmoopy

    the last one… he creeps me out… very badly *slowly walks away*

    • mist

      Yeahh..well at first my mind refused to believe this people are real, but this guy is from Argentina. I've seen him on TV..LOL My eyeees hurt sooo baad!!!

  • glengary

    That “dude” has tits!!!!!

  • top dog

    This got to be somewhere in Europe. I love the place(well I love the women)but it’s like they are trying to play catch up with the rest of the world, especially the former Soviet satellite nations.

  • JKroger

    OK, I live in the midwest so maybe I’m sheltered. But really……are there places in the world where these douchebags are cool?! I totally don’t get it.

    • Jen

      yes, in New Jersey.

  • HellHathNoFury

    10-nice shirt, bro.
    Last guy looks like Freddy Mercury in D-bag land.

  • pitocatalan

    Number 18 is Ricardo Fort, an argentine celebrity. He is a douchebag.

    • john

      pitocatlan , you mean ricardo FART???

  • gayta

    yes indeed, 18 is Ricardo Fort, not much of a celebrity if you ask me, he owns the biggest chocolate and candy factory in the country, but I’m sorry to tell you guys, that the überdouchebag look he has, is imported from Miami, where he lived most of his life…

    • MichaelGS

      so basically he’s all the worse parts of Bruce Wayne, Willy Wonka, and Jersey Shore. Not sure I want any of his candy thanks (thats not a euphamism in any way, shape, or form)

  • AWall
    • MichaelGS

      HAHAAHAHA! that’s the funniest thing Ive seen today! What’s he saying in the beginning though? “Look at my douchemoobs”?

  • northerner

    Enough with the douchebag conventions…idiocy is hard to look at…even harder to forget….my eyes, my eyes, my brain!!!!! Ow!!!!!

  • robin yates

    why do these oddities think they look good ?

  • Clarice

    Ok, I’ll take #16 but the rest… all I can say is, WTF?

  • kitkat63376

    Ya…#16…just became my new wallpaper.

  • that1chick

    Is he trying to be Pam Anderson? He’s got her tits and her tattoos.

  • Anonymous

    hi ok your picture very nice
    khashayar form iran tehran azadi

  • albert_b

    The 18 frightens me.
    If this "Charlie" owns a choco-factory, it dont seem so friendly

  • tu hermana

    jajajajaja los wn estupidos, son puros huecos

  • Jen

    id take #16 too, as long as he shuts up and doesnt have too much gel in his hair😉

  • Mike

    Oh my god I want to punch 13 in the face so bad. I fucking hate ravers

  • crazy-commie

    #18: Uummm… Satan?

  • Michelle

    Yeah #16 is yummy

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.reuss Jim Reuss

    all these people should take a high caliber pistol, put it to their heads and pull the trigger. except number 11 that guy is awesome.

  • CC101

    These posts make me laugh the Hardest.

  • Guest

    #9 isn't really fair…. he's just a little boy. There's still time to save him!

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