• MissChris

    #7 Go on and get it girl! lol
    #11 & #12 Big time WIN!
    #14 Shit like that like really pisses me off. Stop tryin to showboat before you score!

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  • McBeastie

    #10 – I got stuck on that one for a few minutes…I think I’m hypnotized now like in the movie Office Space…….no,wait, actually I didn’t give a shit before hand either.

  • Nagrom

    #4 Don’t know why she needs to be photoshopped, I’d bang the unphotoshopped version

    • juhuip

      i don't understand either, shits stupid. take someone skinny and make em skinnier for no reason. would people not buy her albums if they knew she had a bigger ass? why not let people look like what they actually look like.

  • Rusty

    how much you wanna bet #14 got his beaten bloody when he got back to the locker room?

    • Jerry Collins

      What’s bad is he is did the exact same thing as a rookie in the NFL.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Kelly is pretty either way, jeez. 3-that’s not eating, that’s cheating, just lsopping it around.

    • Roflcentral

      It’s all in the hips.

  • top dog

    #9 and #14, so, so, stupid.

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  • Paßt scho

    #4 love how they defatted her ass.

  • anie

    Kristen Is So Funny!!


    I like too much your web. Really Goooood

  • FTW

    Kristen Stewart is definitively THE girl.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/schango schango

    #8: That is not from steroid use, that is Synthol Oil injected directly into the muscle. This is just stupid.

    • hugoi

      i think men that buff, jus look gross

  • http://trimbakeshwar.in/ trimbakeshwar

    nice movements …..

  • http://renounceapprehension.blogspot.com/ MrRushing

    #4 – Is shameful. I would never agree to it.

  • Juana

    Wow, Murray has really kccraed the code on how to win as a Republican in the 8th wait to the last month to get his campaign in gear, alienate half the GOP base with childish attacks and lay it on heavy with the social conservative issues. Really gonna attract independents and dis-affected independents with that plan, guy.What really made me laugh was knocking on Matthew Berry as a career bureaucrat. Hmm, how many folks in the 8th do we think work for the government? Nothing like dissing your constituents.Yup, this guy shows real leadership potential. Maybe that’s why the Army assigned him as a chairborne ranger on the wine and cheese circuit since he was a captain.Alpha Mike Foxtrot, Patrick

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