• Paßt scho

    #14 such a beautiful shot!

  • Anonymous

    4- made my day!

  • MichaelGS

    as a rugby fan, can I request we here at theBerry (Im also gonna propose we this to the brothers at theChive) post as many pics of the the Ruby World Cup next year? Much better sport… plus South Africa and Wales stand a chance of getting further than parking lot :mrgreen:

  • Chrissy


    Final Destination, anyone?

  • HellHathNoFury

    3 is just impending doom. Poor kid doesn’t know what he’s in for.
    I love 14 and 17. Just so cool. those would make awesome ‘mood’ rings, stormy or sunny.

  • Briana

    Does anyone know where #17’s from? I’d actually love to buy those.

  • Brandon

    4 and 20 are terrifying

  • http://nawalrmili.blogspot.com Nawal

    Emily, ur link aint exist !!!
    i want those tooooo😦

    • Nunya

      It's working today. The sets are $25.00. Really cute.

  • Sfieetjj

    #19 haha, Watch the boy and girl in the back xD

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