• Anonymous

    er, i don't know, i think i perfer men in trunks, it makes me uncomfortable when the outline of their package is visible, and also, it's embarrassing for me cuz i can't look away

    • Jen

      i love when their package is visible, mmmm

      • jennifer

        me too girl tasty mmmmm

  • a

    Nice! Thank you!:)

  • Anonymous

    oh boy….

  • Rea

    I just love looking at tight speedos on very hot men!! And only hot men should be wearing speedos:)

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    I love it! Thanks for that wonderful collections of shots! Hot guys look great in Speedos!

  • Dolph

    Love a hot guy, hot body in speedos. Good looking guys with nice packages, YUM!! So masculine!!

  • John

    If a physically fit man or woman wants to wear a Speedo, the only advice I would give them is, DO IT, no matter what ANYONE says.

  • gaylover

    soo hot dam i would do so many dirty things to them

    • Jhon

      I’m gay so if ju have a Blackberry invt me 271DCE49

  • Ashley

    Swimmers always have fantastic bodies. My time as a lifeguard was lovely for this reason. Yum.

  • Lovely101

    Mmmm so sexy

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  • ElisaNajera

    Who is the hot guy in a blue Speedo with the Sydney harbor as background,Anyone know who he is???? Thx

  • claudio

    Que paquete.!
    Buenisimo PARA Recrear la Vista saludablemente. .!. Manden sus fotos. . .! contactenmen , . . ?? SOY DE LA PATAGONIA ARGENTINA

  • Anonymous

    I wanna stick their docs in me:)

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  • Anonymous

    new bombay, india

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