• king lee

    personally i think hair dressing creativity got a limit ,i am reserve about going too far for self-adulation ,any extreme shall invite repurcussion.What do you think out there?

    • Paßt scho

      I really enjoy the colors and creativity. Anyways, it’s just hair, you can alwys change it back to a more conservative style. I am still waiting for the comeback of those 18th century powdered wigs though.

  • d. nozzle

    Real punks use super glue. and yes, others do use elmers glue. finally, many of those shots were not mohawks.

    • ccoplaymate

      Sorry, real punks don't use SUPERGLUE jackass, do you know how much superglue it would take to hold up a friggin mohawk. As a former "real punk" I can assure you we used 3 things- elmers, knox gelatin, aqua net, sometimes all 3. Number 1 and number 16 aren't even real hair, and many of these as stated above are not mohawks…

    • http://binarydecay.libsyn.com binary

      There are many things that are MEANT for hair use stronger and better than super glue or elmers glue.

  • Zombeh

    They used to use glue, most anymore use hair spray and a blow dryer.

    • http://byebyedesign.com hangups

      Had a friend that used egg whites. G-ross.

  • mike

    elmers glue gel (it was blue) used to work the best, 3 days of solid water resistant hawk. before it got flaky haha

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/hellhathnofury3 HellHathNoFury

    6 is pretty wicked, a feather-hawk. Does anyone else see hilary Duff in 28?

  • missmisery

    I totally elmer glued my hair up when i was young.

  • jackass

    its better to tatoo "i use drugs" right in the face

  • http://www.voiceonvoices.co.uk Pyp

    A very dear friend that is no longer with us was a punk and he always swore the best way to get a mohican (mohawk) to stay up was cheap soap….Just keep your eyes covered when it rains!

  • Bee

    Is #13 really a mowhawk?? Methinks not.

  • angel


    • kent sucks

      sex is good

  • Yessik

    Awesome idea! After I saw the glass cutting video you made, I saw an idea sialmir to this one in a magazine. Cut the beer bottle as you had demonstrated. Sand the raw edges nicely. Then glue the mouth end of the once beer bottle to the closed end of the other half. Whalla! Hold the stem ware one way and it’s a wine glass. Turn it the other way and you have a shot glass : ). I think I’m going to try it .

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