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  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/hellhathnofury3 HellHathNoFury

    She shape of them was just fine, but taking care of them would have done a world of difference! Getting fake white teeth doesn't mean you're taking care of yourself.

    • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/lostinshadows HeartUnderTheRose

      Well unfortunately, I know from experience that it isn't always that easy. I know someone who's parents never took her to the dentist or made her brush her teeth when she was little, so her teeth ended up getting crooked before she realized just how important taking care of her teeth is. People judge her on it all the time like she is responsible for it, acting like she's white trash or something, but when her parents never took her to the dentist and she can't afford dental insurance herself, there's not much she can do about it.

  • Kathy

    Now cut those damn dredlocks–and get it all going on sister! You are the best as far as talent and voice! We saw your concert in Grand Rapids, MI..it was GREAT!

  • C.J.

    I am one of the unfortunate souls who inherited crappy teeth from my father. It didn't matter how often I brushed or flossed, they were just not healthy. A dentist told my mom when I was about 6 or 7 that it was a heredity thing. At that time, I had to be admitted to a hospital and put to sleep to do repairs on some of my teeth. 6 year olds are not usually cooperative with the dentist. He also told her that I would probably have dentures by the time i was 30. Not too far off.

    I remember when i was a kid we all used to chew super bubble gum. I could literally feel my teeth chip and crumble. They were just not healthy. My brother was the lucky one – he got teeth like my mom's. They were great. Straight, good, would have been great if he would have taken care of them.
    I had a partial when i was 16, but that was the result of a fight with my brother. I didnt get the full upper denture until i was 24. Then finally about 3 years ago, I broke down and got them repaired and fitted again properly. it cost about $3500 for all the work, but they sure look beautiful. Worth every penny.

  • isa

    she's so cute.😀

  • nursepat

    Lovely! Should have had the procedure prior to the show- may have helped win more votes. I know that it is suppose to be about the talent, but a one's appearance does maake a impact as well.

    • cheryl

      it's about her VOICE!!! Talk about shallow!

  • LollyBlue

    just beautiful, (((Crystal)))…sing on, girl!!:-)

  • Sherr

    I'm sure if she could have afforded to fix her teeth before this she would've done so. People lose teeth for a lot of reasons…she's a diabetic and her health problems may have affected her teeth…we also don't know what her economic circumstances were, but I'm guessing there wasn't too much to spare. The fact that the same teeth were missing on both sides also suggests some kind of problem that we don't know about…it's unusual to lose teeth that way. So before anyone judges…just be happy for her that she was able to fix them now. She looks terrific.

  • izzyisoz

    I never post on these things..but…I too had very bad teeth..going to the dentist since I was 6 yrs old on a weekly basis. Heridity has a lot to do with bad teeth..My mother had dentures at 28yrs old. Passing that on to me. Brushing and flossing ALWAYS! Leave the girl alone, I'm sure she is happy to have new teeth and not to mention the deseases that come with having rotting teeth. I have new teeth and am now happy and healthy!

  • stu

    i for one took care of my teeth when i was like 7 i got pushed and broke my two front teeth. i also had two sets of baby teeth.so all my teeth were crooked ect well 4000 dollars for braces,2000 dollars for two new crowns and 200 dollars for a zoom teatment and my smile is great!!!! but ill tell ya it sucked growing with a crowded set off teeth and not smiling at all..i only have like three school pics is all my entire years of school.. so i think crystal looks great you go girl…….

  • Turk Fivecoats

    Yay! More homogenization of our pop cuture stars.One day we’ll all look exactly the same.

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