• HeartUnderTheRose

    Even as someone who's not much a fan of tattoos, I have to admit that Wolverine riding a My Little Pony is pretty bad ass. Only Wolverine could do something like that and still kick anyone's ass! lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

      He's even got his war face on!

    • MichaelGS

      What about Deadpool? Thats more in tune with his comics. You know, then once hes done, he slits its throat and shoves a grenade in there

  • MsKris

    Seeing these tattoos make me love mine sooo much more!!

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    16 and 19 are awesome – Wolverine on a purple pony and the demand for beers, beers, beers are inspired.
    Honourable mention to 28 for hairy troll head.
    The rest of these people need professional help.

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  • Catalectic

    Every tattoo here is an example of stupidity. Just because you can doesn't always mean you should. wolverine on My Little Pony? Really? Just get a sticker made and put it on your car or something. Other than appealing to a minor's sensibilities while he/she is intoxicated for nefarious intent is beyond me. We will surely see that tattoo displayed on someone in a Smoking Gun mugshot round-up of pedos soon. The absolute worst is the Duck Hunt tattoo. God can only imagine how many dudes have played that game with her since the 80's!!!

    • CapnS

      Maybe it has a meaning more significant to them then "AWE COOL". The artist was fucking amazing so obviously there was some passion in it. Maybe it reflects their personality (I'd hope it does) because if they have a sense of humor like that I doubt they'll ever regret it.

  • McBeastie

    There's my Chip-Chip!
    Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo-stick! – a Dead Milkmen inspired tattoo?

  • Pascal

    The pony one is indeed pretty cool imo. I'd like one.

  • http://twitter.com/rte148 @rte148

    I could understand these better if it didn't hurt getting one, but damn…

  • Heyzues Kryst

    no. 8 is genius

  • John D

    number 17 is the Sicilian Triskele

    • Mischa

      I actually think it is kinda cool idea although the quality could be better

  • Vonshine

    Wow. 10 is an hommage to New Kids On The Block.

  • Zortek V

    Yeah – these are all fine examples of failarious! I don't understand why the these bags of douche just didn't get the t-shirt. What the hell is so meaningful about any of these. It's really feels like everyone that turned 18 in the past few years ran out to get ink that really speaks to their horrible lack of identity and imagination. And WTF is the deal with anyone thinking their was "passion in it?" I agree with Catalectic! Just because you can doesn't mean you should!!! I love tattoos and the tatt culture. I think it's getting really played out by a gen lazy minded Adderall snorting pussies.

  • Adrian

    haha, that's what that stupid skinhead gets. a shitty tattoo.

  • jsl

    20 looks like a girl geek. :O

  • Bad bad BAD

    Is it a prerequisite to be overweight to get a large tattoo on your back? I suppose the bad decisions keep coming…I contemplate this as I eat a bag of buttered, cheesy, pasta.

    • http://twitter.com/aleksandur @aleksandur

      being fat DOES give you more usable space, mirite?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.hamar Joe Hamar

    i love #3!

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  • Cat

    Some of these are horrendous, but I have to admit, I like the little apple logo (I've always liked the logo just cause it's prettttty), and I really like the starwars one… I could see getting it to cover my surgical scars. If I wasn't so afraid of the pain involved.

  • AllyCat0909

    tattoo ink doesnt stick on scar tissue =/

    I love wolverine riding my little pony!! and the good thing about the harry potter one is that they age WITH you lol

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  • http://theFLEER.com ClutchThese

    #28 I died!

  • neal

    LOL number 14…beef curtains!! WTF?

  • Alan

    – Yup been listening to music all morinng.RP: Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears Scandalous Little Scream The Golden Record Boston Spaceships Let It Beard

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