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  • http://rachface318.blogspot.com/ rachface

    I just love unnecessary quotation marks. It makes me feel like everything is sarcastic.

    Closed for "renovation" (hmmmm, what are they REALLLLLLY closed for?)

  • daryl

    The Kenmore ad is OK. Just because they exist doesn't mean they belong in this list. In this case the quotes indicate a colloquialism that may be called something else by the reader. In other words, you might be inclined to rename the "White Dust" to "Micro Dust" or anything else instead. This is a proper use of quotes:
    Signaling unusual usage

    Quotation marks are also used to indicate that the writer realizes that a word is not being used in its current commonly accepted sense.

    Crystals somehow "know" which shape to grow into.

    In addition to conveying a neutral attitude and to call attention to a neologism, or slang, or special terminology (also known as jargon), quoting can also indicate words or phrases that are descriptive but unusual, colloquial, folksy, startling, humorous, metaphoric, or contain a pun:

    Dawkins's concept of a meme could be described as an "evolving idea".

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