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  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/hellhathnofury3 HellHathNoFury

    I just realized that your brother's name is my sign. I am Leo, hear me roar!

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/mchaelgs MichaelGS

    until now ive never wished i was a pisces, that would make an awesome tattoo😀

  • Jess

    I'm a fish:)

    • Jacqueline

      wont be able to see you sorry (which is soooo unlike him, but again- very busy, ik.) He’s been too busy for a while and has blown me off to go drkining with classmates [who he spends everyday with] when I would see him once or twice a month. I told him calmly I am upset that we never talk, I feel like I’m not even in a relationship lately we aren’t the same people to each other.He got very angry and just turned it around on me and I told him I was mad he was being defensive and throwing it in my face [because obviously it was a legitimate feeling I was having.] Then it went something like I’m sick of this I’m not dealing with this crap anymore. Yeah great me too this is ridiculous you’re not acting like the same person. blah blah etc etc. Not that uncommon for us to say that while arguing.I texted him like 24 hrs later saying something like I’m sorry if I did that to him earlier in the semester I just missed him and now Ik how much it sucks when the one you love doesn’t have time for you What did he say back? Don’t talk to me I was shocked. He never said that to me before, we don’t swear at each other when we fight or hit below the belt or anything, I have no idea why he said that to me. He’s usually extremely loving and passionate towards me. That was Saturday Sunday I texted Whats going on?? why wont you talk to me?? no response. It’s christmas he hasn’t talked to me in about 5 days. That BY FAR tops the longest we have ever fought/ not spoken. He won’t tell me what the hell is up. It doesn’t make sense that the stupid argument a week ago has caused a break-up. My birthday is the 29th our 2 year is the 26th and such wtf? I’m just getting angrier with him I think.. Like I’m expecting to soon just be like You know what, after what we have bee through these 2 years and you STILL can’t even talk to me about why you’re pissed off or try and settle this, F U We have been planning to marry though sometime in the future.. but this is completely insane to me! We are best friends and lovers and have been for 2 years everyday of that 2 years.. this is not ok with me

  • shams ali


  • Scorpio

    I am a Leo, July 30th 1983 but have a Scorpion tattooed on my hand, MichaelGS I don't see why you couldn't get the Pisces. I will hopefully have many more scorpions by the time I die and I also own over $2,000 worth of Opal jewelery despite my birthstone being a Ruby.

  • korikori

    libra is the best!!!

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