Afternoon eye candy: Sexy men in spectacles (33 photos)


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  • amanda

    negatory on #10

  • sariley

    Best post yet. A big thumbs up on #10, #24, #22 and a few others :)

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  • babababa

    where is dwight shrout?

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    OMG, you put up a picture of icky James Spader as Daniel Jackson from the Stargate movie, yet you didn't put up any pictures of Michael Shanks, the real Daniel Jackson, from SG-1, who is the most gorgeous man in glasses EVER! *shakes fist angrily*

  • hissy242000

    jason momoa and carmine giovinnazzo #19 #18 #7

  • Ashley

    Yum. Just generally yum.

  • Marko


  • Theresa Flynn

    ITs The Doctor!!! <3 (#10)

    • manhunter

      that guy is spooge worthy

      • manhunter

        number ten, i mean.

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