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  • http://towhichireplied.com ErnestThing

    Picture 13 is disgusting!

    If those girls learn how to use firearms safely, they won't let rapists rape them as the Violence Policy Center advocates! And everyone knows that if you let a rapist rape you, then he'll leave, but if you shoot him in the face, he'll get mad an kill you!

    What's next? Properly trained kids shooting home invasion robbers??? This is MADNESS!

  • enkidu

    What is the problem with giving your child hands on instruction in the use of firearms? It looks like responsible parenting to me.

  • betty

    i think taking your kid to a pride event is awesome!

  • Mike Meriki

    The shots of the people crowded on the bike and in the motor scooter (3 and 9) is just the third world. That is how it is. Check it out sometime. They are usually very good parents.

  • Chicken Little

    1 = borderline insane
    2 & 11 = playing
    3 & 9 = as someone mentioned, 3rd world
    4 & 5 = imitating the adults (or older minors) around them, tacky
    6 = at pride:), tho wearing assless pants while spending the day w/ an ass high person is just rude😦
    7 = lucky picture
    8 = invitation to abduct child, couldn't she put the baby on one of the numerous empty seats?
    10 = that's messed up and hysterical at the same time, kid must have been sleeping?
    12 = c'mon, the door is ajar, probably loading the car while moving
    13 = take a look around, they are in hunting country. everyone has guns, better to teach the child about them before they come across it on their own
    14 = palmar grasp, place something in an infant's hand and it will close it around it, smile is a lucky shot.
    15 = frightening and horrible and yet not remotely funny.
    18 = just wrong, all wrong

  • Elizabeth

    Left comments over at the post on What To Expect! Thanks for sraihng! Got to show my kids I am not the only Mom who expects her kids to get off the couch and contribute to the household!! We pretty much run our houses the same way it sounds like. Just recently my kids started being responsible for doing their own laundry. I highly recommend it! They need to know how to do it and it took a huge load of me!! I had to set a few rules. The main one being no starting a load after 8 pm and no leaving your clothes in the dryer for me to deal with while you are gone at school etc…

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