• Sarah

    Not bad – some new ones there I haven't seen before
    However I'm not sure I understand what the fluff up is with #7 / #9 & #11
    (and it took me a while to see the bodge in #6)


    • YouLastSawItWhere?

      7 seems to have a double-jointed fore-finger, 9 has a very curious thumb, 11 has a left arm that doesn't belong to a human.

      hope that helps . . .

    • Sam Adams

      In #9 the arm pictured is a left forearm (thumb inside of the gun's grip) but the arm shown flexing up is supposed to be the right arm which would make the thumb invisible in a picture taken from the right side.

  • JayMac

    # 1…tribute to the Joker???

  • Nicnac

    #9 noooo Angelina Jolie IS that thin. Look at recent pictures. Her arms are SCARY thin.

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  • Lizzie

    Not to be stupid, but what's wrong with #2?

    • Lisa

      To me, it seemed to be that the publication is all about "creating realistic photoshop images" when it is anything but – it's very obvious that the body is not his, the tophat was edited on, the lamp was cut and pasted, etc…it looks very "beginner."

      • Holly

        Also there are 5 aces

        • Katherine

          The 5 Aces are to illustrate the cheating part

  • nosferatwo

    does number one remind anyone else of that soundgarden video?

  • garp

    …#3 is k.d. lang, right?

  • Glasskatten

    #2 … Cmon are you stupid?
    #7 Plz, it's supposed to be funny and exaggerated.
    #9 Nothing wrong, it's her left arm. You can clearly see her hair on "our" side of the arm.

    And a few that's not bad enough to mentioned.

  • Sheananagins

    Number 4 isn't bad Photoshopping, its a bad photo. Unless you use the argument that the shoppers could have made the floor a little more matte. The floor is reflective and it is making it look like her leg is all crippled. However at the "bend" you can see her toes, and if you look under her friends foot you see the reflection on the underside of the shoe.

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