My childhood looked a lot like this… (23 photos)

It’s hard to believe it, but kids have been slurping on juice boxes for 30 years!  Americans young and old are invited to celebrate the 30th birthday of the iconic juice box, and its role in contemporary American life, with former “Full House” star, Candace Cameron Bure, currently starring in the ABC Family hit “Make it or Break It”.
As part of the celebration Tetra Pak, leading carton packager and inventor of the juice box  and Hansen’s® Junior Juice, are showcasing how the kid-friendly juice box has been meeting the nutritional and lifestyle needs of families for decades and why it remains a favorite of moms and children because of its cool shape and great benefits. Click HERE to find out more!

  • Ness

    What the heck is 21?

    • gozer

      Ants on a log!

      Peanut butter on celery, with raisins, classic after school snack.

    • JessicaL

      Lol you don't remember ants on a log? Celery stick,peanut butter, and raisins?

      • HellHath NoFury

        MY FAVORITE! I'm off to make some for the small person. i'll probably end up eating them all.

      • Nessie

        No, I don't not living in the US, didn't have that in Germany… but we had rhubarb with sugar😀

  • Jovan Maric

    Lucky you! My childhood in Serbia looked like this:… Waiting for a bread, waiting for a milk, waiting for oil… Damn 90s and inflation…

  • bubble_rider86

    how did you get inside my head???😀

  • HellHath NoFury

    Beakman's world is the best, haha!

    • B.elle

      I remember almost everything here except for Beakman's world! I DO remember Bill Nye, though. Very vividly.

  • Kayla Smith

    Zefronk made Ants on a log on the disney channel the other day! My niece had a fit to try them, and now she wants them every day as her snack!!

  • Ashley

    oh my gosh! i LOVE this! i had/remember like all of this!! :]

  • tina

    My sisters and I just recently busted out our Mall Madness and Dream Phone games. They are still as great now as they ever were!

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