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    really sweet photos.

  • http://www.meneame.net/story/fotos-en-perpesctiva Fotos en perpesctiva

    […] Fotos en perpesctiva   theberry.com/2010/08/10/forced-perspective-is-the-best-kind-…  por dabolafia hace 4 segundos […]

  • sonnestark

    Fun to look at!

  • Salo

    Very good photos!

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  • http://leganerd.com/2010/09/25/giocare-con-la-prospettiva-foto/ Giocare con la prospettiva – foto | Lega Nerd

    […] Fonte. […]

  • cansabGap

    lart mikid

  • http://www.designrapid.com/trick-photography-techniques-and-tutorials/ tricky photography

    Exactly, there are huge possibilities in photoshop but some inbuilt logic is required to required to crack trick photgraphy,

  • http://comedysphere.com/2015/09/06/10-real-unedited-photos-that-will-make-you-look-twice/ 10 Real And Unedited Photos That Will Make You Look Twice | Comedy Sphere

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