Your tattoos make me want to buy you a turtleneck and pants (27 photos)


Pic 27 via [Cracked]

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  • HeartUnderTheRose

    If you're going to tattoo the back of your head, at least make it of Voldemort. Then go around wearing a turban and whip it off whenever you're around some dark haired kid with glasses.

    • HellHath NoFury

      You are brilliant.

      • HeartUnderTheRose

        I know. B) Of course I learned from the best. ;-)

    • Look a sand worm

      (In her best Ron voice) Thats bloody brilliant!

  • Rich

    I'm actually okay with the "socially acceptable rebellious tattoo zone". Although I did want a dragon one…

  • Beau

    So #24 is a beastmaster, and he's carrying one of his cubs.

  • Semper

    17 looks like an ovary

  • Geoff

    16 is not an Ugly tattoo! Thats a Ducati Monster S4R if i'm not mistaken.

    Granted it's a pretty dumb thing to have across your entire back, but if you love em, you love em.

    • Jen

      penis's are awesome, but i dont have a huge one tattoo'd on my back.

      • bobloblaw

        that would be AWESOME!!

    • Nobody

      Can't be a S4R. No radiator, but it does have the oil cooler. Probably just a 900 cc, which is still fun.

  • Evander

    9, 16 and 23 aren't ugly =

  • Chowduh

    Whoever made this list obviously does not have a tattoo.

    • Corn

      Agreed!!! Granted some of them are lame, but just because they're on ugly people doesn't mean the tattoos are ugly.

  • Ashley

    23 would be pretty stupid if they got divorced.

  • FlippyPwnzU

    tattoos # 25, 10, 12, 6, and 4 aren't ugly. In fact, I kind of like the lizard one…

    • tyler

      yeah the lizard one is pretty cool…m y fave for sure….. far from ugly

  • Pyp

    You can get a job paying taxes with facial/head tattoos, it just would not be within the mainstream.

    How about tattoo artists for example, or people who work in the alternative clothing shops??

    I agree that this list was put together by someone that does not have tattoos, as some of them are not bad at all.

    My favourite is the lizard.

    • TOOT IT

      The list is a tad bit out dated

  • Buffet

    Idiocy knows no bounds.

  • vbhgg

    4 isnt real

  • susan

    When alcohol and time on your hands become a permanent affliction.

  • Serena J. Gordon

    I like picture 27 it very true

  • Pookie

    link bait – some are really not that bad

  • Bob

    I made the mistake 55 years ago in the service & had small one placed on my forearm and
    whenever anyone askes asbout it, my answer is "one of my mistakes shows".

  • Realist10185

    #8—Makes me so glad I never had children!! Nothing like honoring your parents with a tatoo right above your Ass Crack !!!!! I'm sure that really turns your date on??!! P.S….if you are going to attempt to wear 'skinny jeans' and 'sexy thongs'…lose about 20 lbs. around that mid-section little girrrllyyy!!

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  • curious george

    does any one know where the shirt in 9 is from?

  • Joy

    I got two jobs, and work from my home ..yes my home…and I am very successful, I am fully sleeved! My neck is tattooed. Stupid silly conformists. Your oh so brain washed and wrong!

    • Amy

      I'm a store manager at a large retail chain. I have one on each fore arm. My success and work ethic are more noticable than my tattoos.

    • GypsyRedHawk

      Maybe so, but not getting a tattoo doesn't make you a conformist………it makes you employed. In the field of work I chose, you can't have tattoos. I've worked for three companies in my line of work so far that have (and strictly follow) a "no visible tattoos" policy, and almost all facilities I've ever looked into working at have the same policy. Having and being able to keep the job I love is more important to me than getting a tattoo. Tattoos are not proffessional. It's true, you can have tattoos and have certain jobs, but it does limit your options. And please don't get the impression that every heavily tattooed person has a succcessful job, because I assure you……'re the rarity/exception, not the rule.

      • VictoriaD

        @ GypsyRedHawk: you are a complete idiot. I am an architect, and I probably make more money than you. I have sleeves. it does not "limit your options" anymore. Maybe 20 years ago, maybe even 10, but not so often anymore. No one cares about the field of work you chose. Typically people covered in tattoos are creative and interested in some form of the arts. People with jobs in which they can actually express their creativity are more happy and fulfilled than people who worry about superficial things and conform like you.

        • abby

          Yep, I sure would not go to a brain surgeon that had sleeves and a neck tattoo, or a dentist, or a lawyer, or the designer of my wedding gown. That's just me though.

    • eva

      can I ask you a question – i just got a tattoo, and I am not sure I like it….It's on my upper back, could i send you a photo and tell me what you think?

      Thank you, Eva

  • Bob

    #11 totally takes it in the ass.

  • Karl

    Bit surprised that no one commented on #13. Sure it's a bit creepy and poorly located (since hand tattoos tend to fade and blur much quicker than most of the body), but it's probably the most well done tattoo on this list. Understand why it's on the list, but it's still really detailed.

    I totally agree that the lizard is the cutest one on the list.

  • CBDeadman

    #27 should be up in tattoo shops as a joke.

  • Cee

    Most workplaces will demand you cover up tatts, so if you have them on your neck, get used to wearing turtlenecks or high collared shirts all year round.

  • ugly tattoo

    Thanks for all the tattoo photo's it's always nice to something new, some of them are ugly tattoos and some of them are funny, i think the hand tattoo whit spiders are cool enough.

    And also thanks for the great blog you have here i will come back soon again.

  • Ok Prewitt

    good post

  • Angelo

    you know some of the tattoos are well done i don't understand the misconception that tattoos are terrible maybe its just the people bereft of activities or only the anal retentive i came to be awed by art and not listen to some bias over opinionated person i'm going back to google images

  • jenb83

    #25 is quite fun.

  • kshortt

    I have tattoos all over my arms, and my job pays taxes thank you very much, and no I do not work at McDonald's. My father, a food scientist whom graduated from Cornell, has tattoos on his arms and legs as well. Tattoos don't defy you as a person. Your chart can kiss my tattooed ass.

    The most violent element in society is ignorance. ~Emma Goldman

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