• Deede

    I have always loved Benjamin Bratt. He loved Julia Roberts so much, but then Julia loved all her co-stars more. She left a string of broken hearts behind, and destroyed a marriage that had kids. Can't stand her.

    But Benjamin found a beautiful women and has a family now. He only wanted a family.

    Hope Danny Moder realizes that Julia will probably move on now that she is acting again. Just wait.

  • Tag-You're-It

    He looks so much better in the pics without facial hair. Well actually I think ALL men do. Nothing at all like the face of a clean-shaven man!!

  • espresso

    He is, hands-down, the hottest actor ever in my opinion. Not to mention a lot of diverse roles that show off his immense talent!

  • Gnu

    Hell yes he is HOT!

  • melon

    To me he will always be the douche in ms.congeniality

  • Linda A.

    Cutie:) wish i was married 2 sum1 like this.

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