• Ana

    Been here… One of the most beutiful places I've ever been to, and I travel alot…

  • Satsuko

    Travelled there twice and I want to go again. You have to see it in real life and sadly these photos are missing some of the amazing spots there and don't show its entire beauty. If you have a chance to go to Europe and Croatia, you have to visit! It literally took my breath away. Next time I want to see it in winter with snow. Argh, why do I live so far away from it….

  • Mch

    Been there! It's beautiful, but such a burden to walk there in the summer when it's so hot and full of tourists…
    Will definately go there again, but then when it's off- season:)

  • Mina

    I was born here, it is the most beautiful place on earth!!!!

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