• joshdyk87

    Trying to figure out what the fail is in the last one. One arm bigger than the other?

    • Kjellupa

      Yep. Means it was shopped.

      • elguapo

        No you dip, it means he was pounding his pud a little too much

    • osborl12

      Or he spends a lot of time working one arm more than the other. Hmmm… I wonder what kind of exersize he was doing?

    • joshdyk87

      Alright, thanks, that was driving me crazy. I'm going with pounding it too much.

      • jalooper

        look at the skin tone tho, that arm is whiter compared to the rest of his body, shopped

  • bobsmith

    Photoshop?Looks like a bad case of chronic masturbation to me. What a sad fella.

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  • Nicnac

    #4 if you drive in far enough, eventually you'll get your boat in

    #6 yes you fail for running Windows on your Mac.

    #10 fails at correcting fail.

  • Nick

    Look at the shoulders and the neck. Its shopped

  • Elaine

    The guy with the big muscle in his right arm? Wanker! Learn to use the other hand and alternate! lol

    • Gues123

      He is possibly an arm wrestler.

      There are professional arm wrestlers in Europe and the competitions are in weight groups similar to boxing.
      Some competitors bulk up one side of their upper body – they leave the other side tiny so that they are lighter and can compete in lighter weight divisions.

      • top dog

        Thats stupid.

  • sippinator94

    Who cares if it was shopped or not? Obviously, the guy is still a douchebag for taking a picture of himself half-naked.

    • Ashley

      Considering we have a huge following on this website for pictures of dudes in various states of undress, I don't really think this is the appropriate forum for your comment.

  • pufffdragon

    #10 Double FAIL

  • D.Sharp

    Left arm in pic is shot top center of bicep so you cant see the shape of the muscles. The rest of him is proportionate to his arm(s).

  • Ziggy

    I don't know how many times I've seen #12 in my local Wal-Mart on various products.

  • zaire67

    #12 is pretty commonplace. I've noticed a lot of fast-food restaurants do the same. Charge more for the combination than for the total if purchased individually.

  • Panda

    #14 is at the University of Maryland College Park

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