• http://guipurdoll.wordpress.com Tania sugimura

    there are 2 accounts from Lina sanz I don't know if I have to believe that

  • DeL

    i fall in love once again ……. lol

  • Me

    very beautiful girl, but her teeth looks fake..

  • pkl

    She is hot! Better looking than jolie and I bet she has a better bod too. Yummy!

  • novapang

    why again ? I think this really her name Lina same lady

  • novapang

    I find her her form London her really name is LinaSands !! who want joint her facebook?
    http://linasands.wordpress.com/ http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/LinaS

  • ...

    I really like her she is very nice

  • sandra

    her name is Lina Saenz you idiot…. learn some spanish

  • Alexandra

    SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE ANGELINA!!!!!!!!HOLY CRAPPP….even her hair….what a gorgeous person, she's so beautiful😀 i think she looks even more beautiful thatn angelina jolie. It's strange that she's hispanic and has blue eyes❤

  • Oxy

    Well, at least she is real! Jolie had multiple plastic surgeries. Has anybody seen Jolie first movies? Unrecognizibel!!!!!

  • mariam

    she is wow….. sub7an Allah

  • Reddo

    shes fine as hell

  • Guest

    So, she's hispanic.

  • Honest Abe

    Beautiful. I'm sure I'd have no better chance with her, than with Angelina. lol

  • Ren

    She said Lina Sanz, not Sands. I'm Filipina, but I understood her quite well as Filipino surnames are also mostly taken from Spanish surnames (when Philippines was colonized by Spain for 300 years). But seriously, wow! This girl is the best Angelina Jolie lookalike I've seen – even her expressions are like her. If not for her hints of a Spanish accent – I'd think it was Angelina herself.

  • Ren

    Okay, so I was correct! I just searched Lina Sanz on google and she's all over as a Angelina Jolie lookalike.

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