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    Actually most of the Japanese signs are litterally translated. I mean, they may be mistranslated in a idiomatic sense, but the meaning…well that's pretty much the same I'm afraid.

    Let's take the latter about make up…well that's exactly what is written in Japanese. (It's considered bad manner)

    And the same for yo-yo's… well maybe japan is not that much into it.


    I do love Engrish!

  • Katja

    The "SORRY, PLEASE DO NOT ROCK ME" sign looks like its posted on some sort of Jade rocking horse.

    In which case the sign makes sense, albeit written in first person…

  • tamourtahir

    A friend of mine live in China he say that they have more than 3000 words in their language and for one word in their language they have different meanings in english

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