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  • Michael Skvortsov

    The eyes give it away every time. She looks exactly the same in every picture.

  • anon

    wtf black face is never ok.

  • stargate

    Wow it's my Mum!!!!

  • john

    I'd tap #26

  • joe

    13 23 31

  • http://letthechildrengo.blogspot.com Not that good?

    The streaky black is done dileberately just to show that it is really her. And she is not ugly, makeup can make you look beautiful, ugly, arrogant, distressed, etc.
    Hollywood babes are not that beautiful but the makeupartists are very good in Hollywood.

  • flatulatingbuddha

    She's an ugly whore in every one….

    …ugly whore.

  • Poot

    16 and 18 were the ugliest by far

  • Mary Warren

    She's so pretty when she smiles!

  • Calli

    I thnk her real one might be number 9.

  • doot

    This isn't proving anything about makeup. It proves that changing your clothes and hair/wig makes you look like a different person. Idiots.

  • Slick

    #18 #26 #29 #32 all look OK.

  • Irishstephen

    What does she normally look like? I'll bet she's hot…

  • bill


  • Kalala

    This is more like proving that make up can make you look ugly in many many different ways.

  • http://picdit.wordpress.com PICDIT

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  • michael

    22 and 23 you look smoking very beautiful.

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