• Shmo

    #8 Is shit..
    #12 is really nice!
    Most of them are very well done!

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  • TladJames

    #6 is horrible, #2 is fantastic, but i don't get #22 : /

    • Brandon

      Looks like a magical artichoke?

    • Scotty

      It's a hop cone! As in beer hops, she must be a homebrewer…I like it!

  • Karim

    #1: Doesn't "coment" take two m's? A spell-checker would have been useful there! Ouch…

    • Sarah

      I thought that looked weird!!!!!!!!! Stared at if for a few then moved on…GREAT catch~

    • Brandi


  • Cookie

    #14 Hayley Williams………………….. Hell yes!

  • Mr. Knowitall

    #22 is a Hops flower, used in making beer.

    • schango

      yes it is, and it's delicious.

  • Anonymous

    Reddit thief!

  • bob

    cool to get a tattoo over one ear that says "entrance" and then "exit" over the other.

    • JJan

      You first.

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  • theresa

    im thinking #22 looks more like weed

  • Me :)

    Yeah, bad times when your tattoo artist can't spell "Comment".

  • GWAR

    22 looks like a beer hops plant

  • http://www.twitter.com/iskandi kandi

    muito foda as tattos *-*

  • Thhether

    Love the The Matrix one!

  • Anonymous

    #1 spelled “comment” wrong…that stuff’s permanent, at least make sure u spelled it right.

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