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    These are hoaxes.

    • ROR

      You're a hoax

      • DC Tur

        I Concur

        • http://www.twitter.com/justin_speedo NTFW

          lololol to everything above:)

    • Nicnac

      you never worked in an office. THEY STEAL EVERYTHING. Sugar packets, ketchup, opened drinks, you name it
      There needs to be a level in hell for office food thieves.

  • jen

    I wish I had a frig raider. It would be fun putting laxatives in food and seeing who could make it to the end of their shift.

    • Sadie


    • MichaelGS

      or Ipecac… that would be my preferance

  • vince

    I put a pizza box with 2pcs in our fridge. Sure enough by the end of the day, someone had snagged one of the pieces. I then left the following note on the box: "Guess what? You didn't steal my lunch. I left it there with a 'secret' ingredient, just for you. Your job is to guess what that ingredient was…".
    I've never had anything stolen since.

  • Jim

    I take liverwurst or head cheese to work. No one ever takes my lunch??

  • nick

    coffee creamer theft seems rampant

    • Kyle

      My thought would be to buy like, 5 of the exact same brand, size and flavor and shove them into the fridge with the original, each with a different Post-it note saying "MINE" "Hands off", two that say "Do Not Touch" etc.

      the next day I'd rip off Post-its from the original and two of the new ones and put them on the shelf as if they'd been knocked off.


  • Randy

    One time I decided to clean out some of the old food from the work fridge. I threw out yogurt that was 3 months past the expiration date. Someone left a note asking for replacement yogurt. I just replied, "I saved your life. It would have killed you. You're welcome."

  • Serendipity

    Geezus….if they are that worried about their coffee creamer then they should buy a little cooler and keep it at their desk…..oh and maybe get a life….that would distract them from the fact that they are a little insane about freaking coffee creamer!!!

  • Xenu

    I used to the moldy zip lock bag trick before and it really works!! xD

  • peanut

    For the jerk that kept stealing my leftover pizza… I bought one of those squeeze lemons and doused the bottom of the crust in it. Whomever took a bite of that slice had a very sour experience. Hasn't happend again since.:)

  • miami

    My friend had cat shit covered with flour and deep fried to make it look like nuggets. ahhh the memories…. good times…..good times….

    • MichaelGS

      haha, i like your style😀

  • The Perfectly Imperfect One

    Awesome! If I didn't work for the government, I would so post notes like these in the fridge for all those jerks who kept stealing my lunch!

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