• shanna_SA

    my mates and I host electric church and industrial parties so I have tons and tons of pictures like no.19…….actually baught a pink gasmask last weekend:) woOp woOp we have the bestest times

  • Beau

    #27 is quite F'ing CREEPY!

  • Patrick

    #5 and 6. That has to be some of the best cosplay ever or so those people think.

  • USMC vet

    haha, Walken stick…..I see what you did there

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    #24.Glad Soviet Republic cracked down or a nuclear disaster would take place

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  • fluffyhairded

    #19 is roller derby girls, im sure of it.

    • yup

      Just about. These are the Go-go dancers for Deathwish Fridays at Trax nightclub in Denver.

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  • northerner


  • Sadie

    #13- I find the balls on the dog particularly unsettling :S

  • Bee

    #26 is from dick's last resort…that place is AWESOME

  • MichaelGS

    isnt #12 the attempt at the world record for most people dressed as smurfs in one place. . . only to find out they didnt do their research and they were like 56 people short? that was fail

  • Poot

    Is that Christopher Walken in 18?

    • Sapvkt

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  • Ashley

    So much of this is terrifying.

    • Lexie

      Also, it is definitely Taco Bell. I have no real clue. The bell kinda looks like a boob and your first meal was from a boob? Seems like a scrteth but it’s all I got.

  • DrInsane2U

    #8 boy rainbow brite really let herself go

  • Habib Kotwal

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