• dave

    Who's number 9 ? And nr 8 that can't be right

    • eldurbo

      Danica McKellar. She played Winnie on The Wonder Years.

  • Stephanie

    #12 HE HAD LONG HAIR?! :O
    Whoa, I'm so glad he chopped it off ;]

    • shanna_SA

      watch 3rd rrock from the sun!!! its brilliant and he had the long hair in that series…..and its funny as hell:)

  • Loudsound

    # 8 is Corey Haim not Chuck Norris……not sure why its in this list.

    • Mr Wesley

      Because it's funny.

      But I don't recognize either half of #14. The kid looks like the stunt double for Chuckie in the Child's Play movies.

      • Loudsound

        Ahhh the source image sure……wondering if it got on the list by accident.

        #14 is the creepy ass kid from Stephen king's Pet Semetary

    • shanna_SA

      oooooh i see….yeah ok ok my bad I submitted these and the dude told me that it was Norris….aye fool me once…does look like hime tho:) pet cemetary must have scarred that little boy for life!!…..

      • Sarah

        Heheh – I thought the 'younger' version of chuck looked more like Jonathan Branis tbh!

    • Beau

      Yeah, it's to honor his passing, not a before/after shot.

  • Sharrod

    Mr. Wesley, Its Miko Hughs from Steven Kings Pet Sematary, and he was in Kindergarten Cop

  • unchainedsavage

    #8 is actually Corey Haim who actually died March 10, 2010

    • shanna_SA

      eeek thats so not cool shame😦

  • clive.crous@gmail.com

    Who is number 4?

  • Chris

    who's the kid on the left on number 6????

    • TheWacee

      Jonathan Lipniki from Jerry McGuire

  • vist

    #11 looks like he's putting his arm around his older self.

  • Hmmmmm

    Does anyone else notice all the subliminal swastikas on younger Jason Bateman’s shirt? (last pic in post)

    • Been

      Don't be stupid. They're subliminal Windows logos. Gates is watching.

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    Gosh that kid from Pet Sematary always freaks the shit out of me. "I want to play with you." *shivers*

  • gaetano proclo

    samara from the ring is kinda hot

    • its_forge

      Samara from The Ring could be Justine Bateman's daughter….

  • Bud Ugly

    Haha, Jonathan Lipnicki (from Jerry Maguire, among others) still has the same smile. The smile looks cute as a 10 year old, but very dorky as a teenager.

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  • bigdaddydrew

    #14 "Boys have penises and girls have vaGinas"

  • me2

    Douchebags then…
    Wait, wasn't something supposed to change?

  • its_forge

    As a hetero man I feel it necessary to express that Peter Billingsley aka the kid from A Christmas Story is disturbingly good-looking.

  • its_forge

    They all came out great which I guess we shouldn't be surprised since they were frigging adorable as children.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    3, Brian Bonsall has at least 2 more recent mugshots that i have seen where you can clearly see the downward spiral before your eyes…
    And say what you will about Jennifer Garner but I think she is gorgeous

    • its_forge

      Garner is adorable and from the waist down she is seriously epic. = )

  • Anonymous

    Can someone tell me who #2 is?:)

  • TheWacee

    Chunk – Hot Now, Fred Savage – Hot Now, Danica McKeller – Hot Now, Jennifer Garner – Hot Now, Peter Billingsly – Hot Now, Anna Chlumsky – Hot Now and Jason Bateman – Hot Always.

  • Gingerirene

    #8 is in poor taste– it's a photo of Corey Haim, NOT Chuck Norris. Corey Haim died on 3/10/2010 from a drug over-dose. he lived a tortured life and was apparently molested by a Hollywood mogul as a child. Crappy job once again Berry.


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