• your mom

    isn't 10 the guy from the dos equis commercial?

  • Peanut

    Jessica Biehl still looks HOT. Damn, not even a mustache and beard can screw up her beauty. FINE.

  • Mandi

    Jamie Lee Curtis could totally rock the lumber jack beard.

  • blue

    HOW is Angelina jolie STILL hot?

    • Hunter

      Trish and Mariah, these photos are aeoulstbly stunning. You did such and outstanding job!!! The bride and groom along with the rest of the wedding party are breathtaking!!!The colors are so vibrant and the picures are so clear!!! The dafodil feild is my favorite!I can’t wait to see the rest!!!

  • http://sheilaspeaks.com/2011/06/21/sheila-speaks-on-hirsutism-unwanted-facial-hair/ Sheila speaks on….Hirsutism (Unwanted Facial Hair) « Sheila Speaks…

    […] to make fun of everything so umm Angelina and the beard…check for more celebrity beard pics here …there’s even one of Michelle Obama *smh* Grrrr..u fancy […]

  • lue

    #15 looooool

  • bettina

    Why do people spend their time 'shopping facial hair on girls? I mean it's funny, but people really have nothing else to do?!?!?!

  • Culii

    Un GRAND MERCI aux reporters pour les pooths et prochaines vide9os ainsi que pour leur sympathie.Tout le bonheur possible e0 nos marie9s.Et merci e0 chacun de nous avons permis de partager ce moment de bonheur avec vous Nous vous embrassons.

  • Whataheart

    Support Losa Morrison. She is an awesome woman growing real facial hair to raise money for Mens Mental Health and Prostate Cancer! You can visit her MoSpace here. http://au.movember.com/mospace/5775213
    Please support her. She is as beautiful as any superstar and has a heart and courage to match!

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