• hardcheese1

    im thinkin #23 is corky from `life goes on`and the rest are just posterboys for birth control

  • Jethro

    #16 AND #22 Know they're gay? Right? No?!? Oh geez! Well, would the next guy they blow please let them know. It will relieve them of a lot of angst. Seriously, for all the ladies out there: If he takes longer to "do himself up" than you do, MOVE ON! This has been a public service anouncement

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001661112607 Cierra Sydnor

    #7 ..lookin like some big ass Cheerios hangin 'round his neck.

  • Carro

    I think #10 is really cute<3 but the others are just wrong!=S

  • Bas

    Nwaaaaaa #25 is cute!

  • JHogg

    #7 – I had no idea the pretzel shop in the mall made necklaces.
    Didn't I see #11 in FLBP last week?

  • jim

    funny, most of them have hot girls. and they are the douches?? hmmmmm……must think.

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