• stafferty

    #2 Keanu's Excellent Adventure to pick up his dry cleaning and perhaps a sandwich

  • chrisdg74

    #9 – Not quite what I picture when I think of the words "LiLo" and "train".

  • baffled

    You mean they are actually like 'real' people? Holy crap, I thought they were just, ya know, CGI or something…


    • Homesteader

      Or perhaps it's the fact they are 'real FAMOUS people" that are riding the subway…

  • http://rhythmethod.multiply.com jefdev

    no freakin' way.. BEYONCE riding a subway train.. there's a news about her being a diva bitch about having her limousine complete with bodyguards pick her up and drive her in a clothes shop across the street.. literally this is clearly a BS!

  • Call me Danger.

    clearly the people pictured above are simply look alikes.

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