• Lassie

    Some years ago, *I* wanted a glamour shot portrait taken of me before my looks totally went to sh*t. (don't know why, as NO GOOD PICTURE has ever been taken of me. Ever.) Well, time has elapsed and I let go of that brilliant idea. And its probably just as well, because I would fit in, here, quite nicely.😦

  • Denise

    I agree with Rikki…….I wanna add mine too!!

  • Daehlon

    Just so you know, this is what the Glamour Shot photog is required to say before taking any pictures, "Just so you know, I'm a professional. And if there is one thing I know for sure, when you take a photo of someone's ugly face, they magically become beautiful and desirable if you put a hand around your neckline or grab your leather, feathered, bedazzled, sequined, popped collar… and doubly beautiful with two hands!!! Go ahead and give it a try, you can trust me… I do this for a living after all!"

  • http://twitter.com/Sakhita @Sakhita

    I have no idea whats going on but these are really funny!

  • it's all good

    I love drag acts….

  • Glers

    you can not polish a turd

  • MamaTee

    Oh, shessh! They are pictures from the 1980's and that's how ordinary people took photo's back then. Now, for the 90's/early 2000's, we are going to see a whole lot of women's photo's who have a hole in the middle of their dress that exposes their pregnant belly. My daughter did a shoot like that; one photo of her looking at andholding her belly lovingly in her hands and another photo with the baby's father at her side and yet another with HIM lovingly touching the baby bump. Do you know I had to keep a straight face while they showed me those things? Thank God they put them away and not on display!

  • Megs

    LOL #6-7 remind me of Dwight on the Office!! too funny

  • boohoo

    why is everyone holding their collars and have the same ridiculous pose?

  • muffinfluffer

    a lot are guys. #20 is cute as hell. the rest are amazingly bad.

  • Doc

    Hey I thought the fat woman in "Who ate Gilbert Grape " died in a fire .. # 22 is really
    her or is it Bruno's mother , the kid in the spelling bees right….

  • Rachel

    Holy crap…I did Glamour Shots in the 90s, and I thought they were pretty good, but seeing these (in all the same poses) I feel like such a dork.

  • Cyndi

    there are several that are characters from the tv show "the office" # 6 and 7 is Raine Wilson

  • Jamie

    These are all clearly from the 80's! The people in them probably laugh at these now!

  • key west

    hey number 10 is a man

  • missouri66

    Hilarious, but if I did one it wouldn't look any better! I don't make my living off my looks!

  • Kellie

    Why are they ALL doing that weird shit with their hands??? WTF!! STOP IT ALREADY!

  • Tammy

    Have you noticed how they are all clutching their collars??? LMAO

  • guest

    20 isnt bad at all…

  • Erika

    ahahah i remember those i had them done and so did my grandmother. everything back then in the 80's and early 90's looked ridiculous but i think it has more to do with the fact that those ppl are plain ugly. my grandma's came out really nice

  • Bean

    Reminds me of that scene in Napoeon Dynamite when Deb is taking the pics of Uncle Rico.

  • Spider Lady

    i should submit MY glamour shots. I won a free photo session. along with 20 other people. they did us ALL with the same exact makeup and hairstyle. very limited wardrobe choice. and in every pic you can see all the clothes had holes in them. we then went out to dinner and everyone clearly thought i was hooker because my makeup and hair was THAT fabulous. they make you hold your collar like that. did i mention i'm deathly white and they gave me a HUUUUUGE fro? i had to turn sideways to fit my hair through the door. lol

  • spider lady

    they had us a file into this room they had rented at a hotel. it had a long table in it where they did our makeup assembly line style. the woman before me had this gorgeous deep brown skin tone and they used the same color palate on her. at least I didn't end up looking like a zombie hooker like she did. she went from Fab to Slab in the time it took to get from one end of the table to the other. LOL

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  • glw

    What's up with the Queens in this section? Guard your rear lol!

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