• vince

    #10 is the biggest WTF I have ever seen. How does that happen? Seriously.

    • vince

      Notice I didn't douche-up the 'beginning' post…. 😀

      • R.J.

        mentioning the lack of is pretty douchery in itself

  • Kennydmac

    Um…. It's still a quartet because the 5th person is the piano player.

  • spring

    18- those are actually plastic models. the real pretzels are frozen until ordered and then flash-heated in a giant oven. they r still crap though

  • Me!

    6 is actually a win

  • equalizermax

    at least Mcdonald's burger looks better than Burger King…

    • vince

      Better for what purpose? Please tell us you don't actually consume that garbage…

  • Tag You're It

    Maybe the morons that installed the door thought that was a Doggie Door??!! LMAO!! Even if they didn't, they are still idiots for buying a door that was hinged on the wrong side…they come both ways…a RIGHT hanging door and a LEFT hanging door you fkn IDIOTS!!

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