You have always been this cool… (20 photos)

Hey all!
Thanks for sending in your original childhood photos for this post. YOU need to send YOUR awkward childhood photos now!
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You're cool,

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  • andrea

    if i see a "shea" pic again im going to go nuts…who thr fuck names their son shea anyway?

    • HellHath NoFury

      That was really rude.

      • andrea

        why is it rude, this kid's pic shows up i every child-hood photos blog and there will be like 4-5 pics of him sometime. i really dont see how it was rude, litterally who names their son shea? unless ur son's name is shea also, i realy dont see your point. thanks for ur dumb ass comment! have a great day shea lol

  • HellHath NoFury

    20, hey neighbor.
    So many cute kids!

  • peanut

    These "cute" kid pics are boring. Boring.

  • April

    I wish I could find the pictures of me like 19. I played in a giant steel bucket like that while my grandparents picked corn! I was always in my bathing suit at that age!

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