Afternoon eye candy: Tattooed men. Mmmm. (31 photos)


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  • dee

    have you ever tried to google pics for "tatooed boys"?
    Pic on The Berry is Nr.1.
    anyway Berry is Nr.1!!

  • Ashleigh

    #30 Justin timberlake

  • jasper

    some of y'all say gay, i just hear jealous

  • Sister Blackbird

    Mmmm 6 ,14 and 15…YUMMY !!!

  • genni

    #15 plz and thank y

  • Desiree

    Awesome.. I love me a hot, sexy, man with a great smile , eyes you can get lost in, and tattoos. Thank you for having a site like this one:-).

  • Tattoolauren

    If you don't like tattoos why are you on a site for tattooed men??!! There's plenty of virgin skin everywhere this is a treat for those ICUs that appreciate body art and these are some fine specimens!

  • Tattoolauren

    Those of us, gotta love spellcheck

  • Mary

    Can I have #1 for Christmas? Mmm-Hmmm!!!

  • Mary

    and also #2 through #31

  • lisa

    I love this page tattoos on a man or women very sexy!

  • Lisa


  • James

    I love men. soooo hot.

  • Venkat

    Data of Birth:15.o8. 95 sex: male i am very nice boy yes.,yes., yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

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