• http://sillytabs.com Daniel

    OMG!! Em-bear WTH is going on number 67? This has to be the fith time i see this picture [between the berry and the chive] and every time i see it it just creeps me out more. I mean how can that happen organicaly? Or is it that im just waay too old and this is what kids partys looks like nowadays. Either way very disturbing..

  • JackJason

    If that was MY son in #67 grabbing that girls butt like that I would get arrested because I would kick him in his little peapebble NUTS!! Then….I would yank that little girl by the hair and pull her to the side and TELL her that she DOES NOT have to PUT UP WITH THAT kind of SHIT from LITTLE NEANDERTHALS!! When the Fu*k are women going to start RESPECTING THEIR BODIES and stopping the BOYS…OF ALL AGES….from doing that to them??!! Maybe they need a 357Mag like me…to make sure that doesn't happen??!!

  • SweaterVest

    Holy Mother Of God!!! Please dont ruin it and tell me #66 is Jared Leto???? It sure looks like him in the scariest and weirdest way! NOOOOOOO!!!!

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