• sango

    First !

    • terry burke

      no one cares about that

  • chubby


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  • huh


  • CrC

    #21 actually works. I used to hold up a broken direcTV satellite on my shoulder when I couldnt get reception.

  • BigDingo

    That's a whole lot of amazing right there.

    Also 18 is probably from south east asia. They tend not to have toilet paper but instead use little sprayers or *shrudder* just a bucket to clean their bums.

  • DemonSpawn

    Its amazing what people will do to save a buck.

  • baconbaconduckbacon

    #23 what a brilliant idea, and it's on wheels!!!!

  • vince

    Usually, there is an ingenious idea or two on the quick-fix posts. Today, they're all pretty, um…cheap & crappy. The refrigerator entertainment center is close…

  • Gonzo

    22 is deffinantly my favorite

    16…If you used a ruler to take the cm measurements why not just keep the that ruler?

  • Penelope

    18 is probably someone who uses cloth diapers on there children. They than have a sprayer connected to the toilet to just hose off the reusable diapers.

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