• edocol

    please burn #6 with fire.

    • Cole

      My WTF meter has just broken.

    • Radiator Lady

      Is that a copy of La Roux?

  • MissChris

    Bloodhound Gang FTW!

  • ale

    #8, Chapulin Colorado… cool.

    • androidxknight

      chapulin rules!

  • Kyle

    #14 Justin Long?
    #19 Katy Perry?

    • Cierra Sydnor

      dude you said exactly what i was going to say
      KYLE FTW!

  • ronnie

    Pam Andersen – Bride of Chucky. Love it!

    • Gertrude

      You love that they modeled the doll after the actress that voiced it?
      You must lead an incredibly unexciting life.

      • Pops

        No tilley.

  • Chuck

    they should all be shoved into a rocket and shot into the sun

  • Beau_INAF

    #13 is a photo cluster-bomb.

  • Coldzilla

    yeah I gave up doing this the day Al Gore invented the internetđŸ˜‰

  • V4Vendetta14

    #5, Almost the perfect girl.

    Polka-dot dress, check.
    Mohawk, check.
    Clown face makeup, check.
    Possum??? Gross….kill it!!!!

  • P-90

    #4 Is that Biggins?

  • Anon

    Is 14 Justin Long?

    • Logic76

      mike shinoda

  • somechick

    whats #8? i saw a guy in my class wearing that tee shirt.

    • androidxknight

      superman's mexican version, jeje

  • toastymoe

    #5 – i'd hit it

  • shanna_SA

    wallmart regulars by any chance??:) possums are cute!

  • equalizermax

    #4 – He really needs to replace those glasses…

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