Nice post

  • fpdallas

    Waste of time for all involved (creator and readers…)

  • JPC

    #3 Looks like a real before and after picture of Britney.
    #11 looks like Lohan in 5 years.

    For the most part though, pretty terrible post.

  • asadf

    #11 and #13 … still hot.

  • http://twitter.com/generic1stname @generic1stname

    These are images stolen from the website worth1000.com. A website that has photography and photo editing contests. You just covered their watermark with yours.

    • Ezee


  • reaperACTUAL

    #5 have you seen the voice?! Im not convinced this is so much "shopped as it is just a "10 yrs ago/ today" picture

  • kat

    Christina Aguilera does look like the "after" photo now. Nasty, trashy pig.

  • bettina

    ahaha fat Kelly Bundy

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