You may want to proofread your threatening note next time (21 photos)



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  • Goebbels

    My blood pressure spiked just reading these.

    Yes, I'm a grammar Nazi. What of it?

  • mikethecarpenter

    its 10 items or FEWER, damn it.

  • vince

    #14. Can too, & Done.

  • Michał Smyła

    i fkn hate it when ppl dont use proper grammer and punctuaetion!!!!!11!!111!

    • HellHath NoLife

      learn to spell before you hate

      • over your head


  • Victor

    Am so mad @ these dums.

  • Coldzilla

    Man i LOVE irony! :)

  • Candy Dish: Let’s Hear It LC : College Candy

    […] may want to proofread your threatening note next […]

  • Ashley

    This is just painful. Did any of these people take English classes in high school? What about elementary school? Jesus. I've worked in a lot of offices over the years and no one can spell. The English language is being destroyed by ignorance and apathy. For a nerd like me, it's a horrible process to witness.

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