At first glance, these are usual sunflower seeds (21 photos)

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, with the help of 1,600 people, created more than one hundred million hand-painted porcelain sunflower seed replicas. This installation can be found in London at Tate Modern’s vast Turbine Hall:


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  • Mrs. Know It All

    Whats the Purpose of this

    • manson

      its art it doesnt have to have a purpose

    • psychological artist

      If you'd like to know what the artist is trying to state and convey by making 100 million ceramic sunflower seeds go to this url:… It explains it well and sheds light onto something that these blind pictures show.

      • psychological artist

        art is goes beyond the aesthetics and what can be seen. it is what is also felt, experienced, and meditated upon. Some also depends on viewer interaction and connection. Mainly arts wants to provoke you to think outside how you normally think.

    • wiz0floyd

      I like Oscar Wilde's definition of art as presented in the preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray.

      "Art is quite useless"

  • gozer

    now I want some sunflower seeds:/

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  • edocol

    that's really just dumb.

  • shanna_SA

    its art people open your minds….i think its pretty extreme…hand painted youch thats hectic

    • Jimmy

      yeah it's extreme, and it's time consuming work..but for what?

      • shanna_SA

        its more than what it appears to be what it symbolizes I have no idea…..but havent you seen that the more outrageous you are or your work is the more people take notice?…..I so wanna run and dive into that stuff just for fun :)…art doesnt make sence it breaks all boundries…u can pretty much do anything and it be labled "art" thats what makes it awesome😉

        • Claude M.

          You are confusing art with junk, Shanna

          junk doesn't make sense, junk can be pretty much anything

          Art communicates clearly, or it is just junk. this installation is junk.

          • manson

            art doesnt have to communicate clearly thats the beauty of art just look at any good abstract artist. This piece is more focued on the experience of seeing and walking on the sunflower seed not the deeper meaning the artist was going for.

      • Maggie

        To blow your mind, is it working? better than a Michael Bay film?

  • Hannah

    Just because you're too close minded to see the simple beauty of it, doesn't mean it's not art. I think it's an amazing installation piece, and I wish I could experience it in person.

  • dom


  • ditte marie

    i love it! i loooove it! …can i have some of the seeds – they are beautiful!

  • Sammy

    I found the background information very interesting. I thought that the artwork itself was amazing alone, but, given the context behind it, really puts it in a different perspective and I think that is what art is about. Perspective. Everyone can see something a little different in it; you take away from it what you are willing to put in.

  • Kasey

    The point is to make something unexpected. People stop to look at it and appreciate it, kids play in it. It would take a long ass time but I think it's a cool idea, something I've never seen before.

  • Paul Robertson

    An update (and ignoring the trolling "what's it all about" ignorant comments): the installation had to be restricted after a few weeks because there was a (theoretical) health issue to the public and (probably more importantly for the legal decision involved to the staff overseeing the installation in the Turbine Hall) from the dust created from the crushing of the porcelain seeds. Sadly no one was allowed to walk or enter the area with the seeds nor allowed to handle or pick them up and the work could only be seen from the side of the great mass of objects. A shame.

  • Brian

    Completely pointless. You cant spend an incredible amout of time creating something so useless, and then just justify it as art. this is completely pointless. the fact that they look EXACTLY like seeds makes it even more so. Maybe if they varied in sizes and / or colors it would be art, but this is just a giant waste of time.

  • Sal

    What a fuckin waste of time.

  • burns

    It does have a purpose. they will and up selling each seed for $100 and end up making 10 billion dollars.

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  • whskrdesign

    This would be a lovely article and pictures to read if it wasn't for the totally crap flashing ads on the page. C'mon – If Jakob Nielsen said moving ads were a distraction a decade or two ago it should have sunk in by now.

    I won't be back.

  • Lorena

    Art is communication, what you think about the piece it s what communicates to you, good or bad. That s why I love art. This installation makes me meditate of so many things, even not knowing the artist s statement yet!

  • Mady

    Your a waste of time! Its art! Get a freaking life! I see you smart ass people as lazy bums!


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    Percelain Sunflower Seed Installation London Ai Weiwei : theBERRY

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