Senior photos: Proving 18-yr-olds still have a lot to learn (28 photos)


Click HERE for some hilarious glamour shot photos!

  • anon

    25 IS CUTE

  • Website Optimizer

    All looking goofy

  • Samalama

    as a photographer who was done a few senior shoots, i place the blame on the photographer of these. i admit some of my ideas seem better in retrospect…

  • Jennifer

    I went to high school with 12

  • mjs

    No way!!! Some of these are hilarious- pyro and snorkle guys? also pokemon and chainsaw photos are awesome!!!

  • Rob

    I think I missed the point of this blog. What does it have to do with 18 year olds having a lot to learn?

  • Ashley

    7 and 8 are awesome.

  • Hinky

    #8 = LIKE A BOSS

  • random onlooker

    #5 is probably quite hot now…

    • Sandrina

      What a profesional and wnuoerfdll job they did with those pictures. Is hard to choose one, I like the bright backgraund colors with her skin tone; Also the black and white, specially the one is holding her mom hand. She is beutifull baby

  • Mandi

    What the fucking fuck!?

  • DiddyKong

    LOL! I'm guessing 8 (the guy with the chainsaw) is the school's champion forester or something. It looks like he at least knows what equipment works best! STIHL's an excellent choice! <3

  • Richard Cade

    #24 is epic win..!

  • Jenn

    #15 and #22 were awesome! I love dorks though…

  • Tamara


    "jake ryan? he doesn't even know you exist!"

  • Jessika Acklin

    i would soooo do #3 #8 #15 #19 #17 x)

  • Alex Olazaran

    senior pictures should be a thing we can look back on and be proud, not embarrassed! hahaha

  • beautyandbraids

    #18 kassem g back in the old days?

  • becca

    8 is actually like… really hot.

  • chaseguindon

    #18 Kassem?!

  • phootan

    #18= Best Photo Ever Taken On Purpose In The History Of Photography.

  • MrFumbles

    What's wrong with #25?

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