Morning coffee (30 photos)


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  • Jenni

    That sloth just made my day so hard.

  • OhYeah EricaCarter Yeah

    26 is mine :)

  • April

    That's my son in #19! That was the day he took a marker outside and drew all over himself. His clothes and shoes were covered. When I went to put him in the bath I saw that his older brother had a hand in the art work. There were smiley faces on his butt cheeks!

    • HellHath NoFury

      he is adorable.

  • Tag You're It

    #12 — I LOVE THE RAIN & I WANT IT TO RAIN !! But……I have no one to cuddle with…sometimes life sucks!! :S

  • HellHath NoFury

    What are the maraschino cherries in? They are so cool!!!
    And the cookies. Omnom.

  • Tomve

    this songs remembers me of my best frnied.. she use to sing this to me.. now that she passed away i sing this song to her. Still Love you Ana <3 always in my heart

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