Nailympics – The ultimate fake nail showdown


Click HERE to see the craziest manis you've ever seen!

  • Leanne

    They all have a crazy look in their eyes…..

  • Marcia

    What the 'ell is this cr@p? Those are not "nails." They are collections of increasingly bizarre stuff glued onto women's hands. It has gotten so far over the top, it isn't entertaining or indicative of talent any longer. It's just "who can glue the most junk on there." Ugly, Fugly and embarrassing.

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  • Stella

    Stupidity has no limits.

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  • phiie

    I fail to see the skill involved in crazy gluing a collection of crap from the dollar store onto plastic nails.

  • Anonymous

    all items are made from liquid and powder not from a dollar shop, kinder egg. Like to see you try and make the creations rather than bitch :-)

  • ohmai

    i love nail art but this scares me…

  • Theresa

    I find it very amusing how people who don't have any knowledge on something assume they know how something is created. Do you really think a huge competition would be held just for sticking dollar items onto nails…no!!! all the piece you can see are made with liquid and powder and a brush, not shop bought plastic toys. The pieces start in a nail artists imagination and then their skills bring it to life. Now maybe you will see the skill involved rather than knock it. It is a comp to allow a nail artists skill go wild not to wear on a day to day base lol only a fool would think that!! and yes they may be a little crazy…. I am, and I am in one of these pictures as I entered the comp :-) loved it too.. don't knock something if you don't understand it. Being unkind takes too much energy from yourself!

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