Your tattoo… you know that stuff is permanent, right? (30 photos)


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  • underscore89

    im liking #7

  • PurexSin

    #6 Is an Israeli singer, he tattooed his daughter's eyes on the back of head. He modified the tattoo now, it looks pretty sick.

  • zver

    8 is an old russian cartoon version of treasure island

  • Tara Wass

    I guess I have a different mindset. When I was 17, my face was disfigured in a motorcycle accident. The only thing I had done a year after everything was healed was to have my right eye reopened because it had healed mostly shut. Since insurance and reimbursement from the accident wasn't an issue I could have had an eyebrow implant to replace the one that was crushed or a cheek implant to replace the cracked one. But, instead I learned how to be more creative with make -up. I had also thought about having my nose repaired to the way it used to be, but I saw the video's of how that is done, so i decided to forget about it. it makes me sick when these perfectly pretty girls screw up their faces when there was nothing wrong with them to begin with. If only they had to live with my face for a little while then they might change their minds.

    • anon

      b.s. …. i can tell cause way too much typing for the internets

  • Shea

    The Weird Al one is amazing!

  • EatTheRich

    this article was probably written by someone who has no tattoos and a tiny opinion.

  • pezjunkie

    So apparently I made the berry. #13

  • poppy

    #1 is the 'scissor sisters' lesbian sexual position… yup yup it is

  • DoYou.

    To each his own. I love tattoos. No matter what reason is behind each one, everyone has their own story. Don't judge cause you don't have any color;)

  • Joanna

    I like a lot of these actually, which doesn't say much because I have plenty of tattoos, some probably questionable to others, but loved by me. My favorite is #30 , I have a craft/sewing sleeve, love crafty tattoos.

  • Joanna

    and by 30 (which I do like), I meant #23

  • Travis

    This is the second "what were they thinking" post I have seen on this site. Both post are filled with tattoos that are faked, legitimate temp tattoos and then the rest are actually really good tattoos. I think the ignorant @$$hole who is making these posts needs to stop, they are of bad taste and just because you don't understand tattoos doesn't give you the right to judge them.

  • Holly

    I don't understand why the title of this post makes it sound as if these tattoos are going to be poorly done or regrettable ideas. Sure, some of them may seem that way – but a few of this are unique and personal (exactly what a tattoo should be). Also, some of the back pieces towards the bottom look like amazing pieces of art work. I happen to love the last one.

  • Katie

    #30 is so dope !

  • Eisencrest

    #23 is awesome! Yarnies represent.

  • Selina

    #28 is badass.

  • olgreybush

    #2 nice streak marks bro

  • Alison

    A few of these are really beautiful… #30 is stunning.

  • dcg

    these are all baddass! it'd be super duper sweet-ass awesome to have all of these tatts on the same person!

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