• Sundust

    I dont get the math question, why is it a fail?

    • gozer

      you try cutting a board into just 3 pieces.

      • gozer

        geez guys, joke much?

    • Vincent

      I'm thinking it's a fail because the teacher marked it wrong when it's correct.

      It's possible it's supposed to be a question using a specific mathematical principle, like averages, but I can't figure it out. If it is supposed to be some math principle, it is a poor example to use.

      • Deez

        Sundust must be the teacher. Really?

    • http://clarkbachelot.com failfinder

      The teacher is wrong for this reason.

      You have one board. If you cut it ONCE you will have two pieces. That one cut took 10 min. If you then cut one of the two pieces ONE MORE TIME you will have three pieces. The second cut should by this problems statistic also take 10 min. 10 min per cut for to cuts is 20 min. You will then have three pieces of wood.

      Fail Teacher!

      • Jason

        Thank you for explaining this, I really don't understand how the previous chivers really failed to understand that… or how that person is a teacher for that matter! Then again I've seen who becomes teachers when I was in school…

  • tyler

    the teacher is say it takes 5 minutes to cut each piece but really its one cut that took 10 minutes so 2 cuts would take 20 minutes

  • kingblc

    the teach associated the time with the number of boards. IT should have been associated with the number of cuts.

    • board cutter

      Thats why your supposed to hire a carpenter and let him worry about it.

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  • Coldzilla

    Funny but we GOTTA find a new "F" word

    This ones gettin old =/

  • whelm

    harrd tto typpe wwhenn laaughinng!! TThanks!

  • Nicnac

    #5 is not a fail. Not uncommon for 'x' words in kids books to begin with a vowel… What are they going to do? Teach 4 years olds Xanadu?

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  • http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com Bounce Rate

    My favorite was the last one of the sign that made sure of no other signs at the intersection. useless!

  • http://flyingfuq.blogspot.com jim

    The math teacher failed because he or she is not a carpenter. That's why teachers pay so much for their homes.

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