• andrea

    please eat something dear

  • woman lover

    Her tattoos & makeup are shit.

  • anon

    SHe looks great! Keep up the good work Amy.

  • ale

    I guess it´s photoshop…

  • Red Rooster

    She looks wonderful — hope she has a new album out soon, too.

  • Ewa


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lillie-Jackson/1110922596 Lillie Jackson

    I love this woman.

    • Maiza

      That’s creepy! I was acaltuly trying to thank Piers, I clicked on reply’ to that! But it shunted me in here! Ah well! I think I thanked him before, well, in fact, I know I did, he just deleted it. What a snake (aka: that hurt, and it felt like rejection) I thank you still for never being like that. And always. And I truly do. I don’t know if this time in France again might perhaps involve stuff to do with the film, but irrespective, on behalf of every single last fan out here who you are kind enough to share some aspects of your life with, we love you, and we truly CANNOT WAIT. I checked out touscoprod the other day in work, and it seemed like things were moving. It is going to happen, isn’t it, and it really is, and that is just BEYOND, and I absolutely cannot cannot WAIT! It will be life-changing for you, at least if you want it to be, I suspect.As an aside, I was in work this week doing my usual extra-curricular (!) I’d still like to go to Newcastle and take pictures which in winter will be Night at 5pm And I think: awesome. And of course see the Angel of the North.I was also just so glad to hear of the Regensburg dropped charges the other day. The UK press likes so much I think to find disaster and even catastrophe for you, I think, but reality is different and me, forgive me, me. but I do just acaltuly kind of exult in that! Hahahahah!!!! I just hope that the ongoing saga with the other Germany situation will go the same way I suspect it will, and let’s face it, you have I am sure a good brief on the case.The tag is off now: so here’s to the future!Gail xxx

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  • Danijel

    Hello PeterI hope so much that you are happy and enjoying your time in France! (Assuming, of corsue, that you’re still there at the moment!) I took a screenshot a while back of that wild disintegrating experience in the movie room and I think, I think (am I right, am I right?!?!) that it is about a NEW ROOM???!!! I think, I think I can see lots of AWESOME pictures of you?!!!!! OMG there is just SO MUCH that is just SO EXCITING at the moment!!!! Touscoprod OMG OMG YES YES YES, which is truly second to none, and it really is, I honestly cannot tell you; the other totally (at least for me!) out of the blue film WOW!!!! and also the settlement that I am sure will be soon in Germany.I hope so much that the new room will have my Favourite Ever picture of you which is (not counting Clouds House) one by Hedi Slimane with one of your Beautiful Kittens! Don’t get me wrong, there are just so many incredible pictures of you out there; I know the paps must truly be the absolute bane of your life, and of corsue they are trying/having to fulfil a specific (not very nice at all) brief, but even so, sometimes they still catch something wonderful that we would never have seen else.I once spent a goodly few hours freezing my fucking socks and legs and arms off with maybe 5-6 of them one Gloucester winter. They were working, obviously I was a fan. I have to say that I think that a couple of them were perhaps rather amused by me, but to an absolute last man, they were actually incredibly kind. You will remember that day, I’m sure. After a bit, I asked them a couple of questions (in fact, I even, in the end, took a picture of all their kit on the pavement (with my crappy compact, no less!) which I suspect was probably worth more several times over than the value of this fucking house!) And they bantered a bit with me, which of corsue was really nice. They were actually incredibly close-kint as a group; I found that surprising, actually they worked totally together, even as they must surely have been competing for wages against each other? And I mean, you’ve probably not seen this, but when they do get the shot, it is just like rush rush rush, scrabble scrabble scrabble! To get that image off. To get it sent. They are just all over the pavement, laying down over a laptop, quick quick quick! Just like when the shot is coming they are like lightening, running around I could never manage that!!I found them incredibly lovely. Because they just came up to me, totally of their own volition, and shared with me too what their particular agency was telling them, or about what they personally/collectively had found out. They were truly kind.Hedi Slimane, though, I think he truly likes you, and I believe he wanted to convey how he feels and what he sees. I think he is an artist.L0veGail x

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