• http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau

    LOL. #20 is the epitome of poster's remorse.

    #11 wouldn't be considered passive aggressive, I don't think. I think it's just… overdoing it?

  • http://www.coreworks.me This Is Me

    No, fsck the customer when it comes to the cell phone thing. put the damn phone down.

    • http://twitter.com/givants @givants

      why should the person on the other side of the counter give a fuck if am on the cellphone or not, i know its rude, but its not like you are going to interact with them the whole day…

      if somebody told me that i would simply reply " oh am sorry, ill just go somewhere else where they dont give a damn about my business"

      btw i work on the otherside of the counter, and i simply return the favor by not being friendly.. now if i were to complain for bad service when am on the phone would be a little different

      • Coldzilla

        "i simply return the favor by not being friendly"

        Well that may cut it @ McDonalds but out in the real world youd soon find your ass unemployed. And its NOT just about the guy behind the counter its ALSO about the people in line behind the self absorbed douchebag who cant tear himself away from Twitter long enuff to order a freakin coffee

      • Dr.Benway

        If you know it's rude, why are you doing it? Please, take your business somewhere else, but don't tell us about it. We don't care. And you aren't going to get anybody fired either. When I worked customer service the worst people were always the ones with this shitty entitled attitude like THEIR business was the deciding factor between our wages being paid and all of us starving on the street. They were often the ones who thought that they could simply demand that one of us be fired, more often than not for doing a part of our jobs that they felt entitled to be exempt from.

        There is a social contract to buying something. The people behind the counter are human beings and you should be able to give them your undivided attention for 30-90 seconds to complete your order. Just because we are being paid doesn't mean you can treat us like shit. Also, when you aren't paying attention and we have to ask you to clarify things or you get the wrong order because you were busily chatting away it holds up everybody behind you in line and they all hate you.

        If you are SO busy and important that you can't get off your phone to order coffee or a sandwich than you can afford a personal assistant with some manners to come get it for you. If you can't afford a personal assistant then you simply aren't that important, sorry.

        Admitting something is rude does not make it okay to do.

  • FuckOff

    Being a douchebag is not right, regardless of whether or not you are a customer. As a small business owner, I respect every one of these pictures. This whole mentality of giving people whatever they want and letting them do whatever they want just to make a dollar, is pure insanity. If you can't act like a normal, respectful human being, then get the fuck out. Small businesses provide services and should be respected for doing so, not treated like servants. My 2 cents.

  • pufffdragon

    People who talk on their phones while being served should all just fucking die. Not only does it piss the person off trying to serve them, but all also the people that stand behind these douche burgers! Grrr

    • Kjellupa

      Mmmmm Douche burgers.

    • Victor

      If you don't like the fact that I'm on my cell phone, go to college and get a job above minimum wage. You are retarded, hence, less then human and my servant/ slave.

      • pufffdragon

        Actually I'm the person that stands behind your uneducated ass. You may have went to college and honestly, so what. Even retards go to college.
        If common sense and basic life skills were taught at college you would have failed. I'm sure you will get that punch in that back of the head soon enough.

      • whatever

        Your spelling tells me you haven't been to college either. Or if you've been to one obviously not for educational reasons.

        • pufffdragon

          Sir, you well and truly failed with your comment. If you are replying to me, then double fail for you. Shut up an stand back in the line and talk on your phone like you normally do cock snogger!!

          • Jenn

            The people behind the counter just might be in school. It drives me insane that someone can assume that just because I'm working a part-time day job means that I am not in school. I am in school! I have two minors and am finishing my major! I'm working my ass off to go to grad school so I don't ever have to work behind a counter again but somehow that STILL isn't good enough for customers to treat me like I'm a human being.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MacheteJack Carl R. Evans

    As a boss of my father's once put it, "The customer is NOT always right, but they ARE always the customer."

  • P-90

    #3 Everywhere else tipping is a reward for good servive, it's not mandatory.

    • volanskye

      Yea. And those people are paid a lot more then $2.30/ hr. When anywhere in America TIP YOUR SERVER!! Servers in Europe on average are paid $10-$12 (U.S.) so they don't expect, or work, for a tip. It's different in the U.S. The tip is in fact mandatory and should be budgeted into a tourist's travel expenses. A 20+% tip is a reward for great service. A 15% tip is a must for recieving a satisfactory meal.

      • JAFitC

        Tipping your server is one thing, tipping someone who simply hands you something over the counter is another. I am exceedingly generous to the former, but I will begin tipping the latter on the day my secretary gets a tip from a person to whom she hands a document over the counter in our reception area.

  • equalizermax

    Cheers Mate!

  • http://visualwebsiteoptimizer.com Site Optimizer

    I love small business's! They always have the best signs. I have a few I could probably add to this list.

  • http://collegecandy.com/2010/10/27/candy-dish-get-out-the-glue-gun/ Candy Dish: Get Out the Glue Gun : College Candy

    […] What happened to the customer always being right? […]

  • Coldzilla

    Hell YA to #8. nothin worse than gettin stuck behind some DOUCHE more interested in what his buddy nailed last night than picking up his dry cleaning

    (and yes it happened)

  • headlock

    #3 – lots of Aussies in texas are there?

  • edocol

    What you do with the idiots on their cellphones is you start replying to what they're saying to whomever they're calling. It confuses the FORK out of them.

    • JAFitC

      Brilliant! Gonna start doing this today.

  • joo

    I'm a chiver and rarely on the berry. but man. this is better than a chunk of chive post.

  • Miryam

    Erin, you know how much I love these! Thank you for sharing your wudenrfol talent to further decorate my pink pastel home. They turned out so perfectly. Good luck this week as you welcome your new little one.

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