• mysticalmagical

    It looks nothing like her.. At least the Kim Kardashian one looked like her in the face..

  • Sarah

    i think the wax figure looks better.

  • Moe

    the wax face looks more like carrie underwood than tay swift

  • ale

    not alike

  • http://fabulousbuzz.com/2010/10/28/todays-fabulous-buzz-teen-mom-stars-salaries-revealed/ Today's Fabulous Buzz: 'Teen Mom' Stars' Salaries Revealed | fabulousbuzz.com

    […] Taylor Swift unveils her wax figure (theBerry) […]

  • clancey

    they both look like weasels so… right on, wax workers

  • whut

    Shit, I couldn't tell the difference at first…

  • maybe i'm blind

    Shit, I couldn't tell the difference at first..

  • Ashley

    Taylor's face is more angular, but they got it pretty close.

  • Ftopshelf

    The 2 are Beautiful

  • Debbie

    Not impressed at all! I think they should try again

  • Bcgifford

    They could hav done a much better job on the hair color and complexion color

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