• LonelySoldier

    I think all of those two people pictures are different celebrities…..i just cant figure out who the one with j-lo is

    • Blah

      I thought they were just pictures of celebs with and without makeup. Side by side comparison. Guess I might be wrong.

  • hmm

    The Natalie Portman one is Keira Knightly next to.. J-lo I think might just be without makeup but not sure

    • Soulfire

      Yeah, it was from a post earlier in the week when they compared celebrities when they were younger to now. I don't remember if it was on The Berry or The Chive.

  • Quailman

    The pictures of Lady Gaga need to stop.

  • Help please?

    Can someone please tell me who #29 is? He has been on my desktop for a long time and I have no idea who he is😦


    #9 looks like he's sat under a flock of pigeons …

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